The Coonster App is Now Launched!

Love playing Coonster's many exciting games on your mobile phone? Now, there's an app for that! The Coonster App is Now Launched! large

Love playing our many exciting games on your mobile phone? Well, we've now made it a whole lot easier for you to search for and find all the games you'd like to play on Coonster!

Despite being very small in size (only 29MBs!), the Coonster app is filled to the brim with all of the free HTML 5 games that you love. Navigating the app is super simple too! You can scroll down - almost endlessly I might add because we have sooooo many games! - to view our entire catalog of games, or you could filter the games by genre by tapping on the menu icon (the three lines) at the top right corner of the screen.

Best of all, the Coonster app comes with a Favorite button on every game. So now, you can easily favorite the games you've enjoyed playing in past. If you fancy playing the games again, you can then easily head over to your Favorite Games list via the menu and play the game again... and again... basically, as many times as you'd like! There's no longer a need to remember a game title just so you could search for it again when you want to play it. Isn't that so much more convenient?

Plus, for those concerned about excessive app permissions, know that our Coonster app doesn't request any data from you since you don't have to log into any of your social media accounts or even your Google account in order to use our app!

With that being said, rolling out our Coonster app doesn't mean visiting Coonster on your phone's web browser isn't an option anymore. If you prefer to play our games without using an app, you can do so - no judgements there! But, having a Favorite button and a Favorite Games list is just so convenient, and the app barely takes up any space on your phone - All of these and more are great reasons for you to tap on that Install button and give the Coonster app a try! We're sure you'll love it!