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The Different Types of Casual Game

Rate this Article There are a lot of casual games around these days, but what exactly is a casual game, and what are the different types that you can play. Oceania Play - The Different Types of Casual Game

With the rise of Facebook there has been a dramatic increase in the number of free games for us to enjoy. Taking some classics like Solitaire and adding newer styles like bubble shooters there is a huge range of games to play. But what is it that makes a game casual and how many different types are there?

In this article we will be discussing the rise of games like Icy Run to classics like Bubble Witch Saga 2. A casual game is one that can be played with no real strings attached, and a game that you can pop into and out of with no commitment other than the fun you have playing it. By their very nature you don’t have to give any more time than you want to, and with the advances in technology you can also enjoy them on the go too.

One of the first styles of game you come to are those like Indy Cat, a classic gem based match 3 game where the object of the game is to collect a number of points or items by moving the multiple gems around and collecting 3 or more in a row. Still one of the strongest styles of game they can be really entertaining and this game in particular has a fun story where you are a mix of adventurer and cute kitten all in one.

Pepper Panic Saga brings a new addition to the classic match 3, where instead of what you match being destroyed, it is in fact collected and the aim of the game is to gather up a certain number of each pepper together. Along the way you will have obstacles such as ice, but also bonuses that can stack multiple peppers in one place making them easier to gather.

Another much loved style is that of the bubble shooter, like Bubble Witch Saga 2 where you join the adventure of a young witch trying to ward off an evil woman bent on being mean to people. In these games you have to shoot colored bubbles up into a pattern above you, and match the colors to make them pop. By doing so you are able to clear the game board and complete the level, though in this game there is a fun twist too.

Going back to a much loved classic, Solitaire in Wonderland is a card game where you have some amazing patterns to enjoy, while steppinginto the much loved adventures of Alice in Wonderland. With compelling gameplay and lots of different levels there is a lot to do here.

The most recent addition to casual games is the runner style, like Icy Run where you are constantly moving through an adventure and having to dodge or collect items. What makes this one special is its unique gameplay where you are able to completely create the path that the penguin follows by drawing lines of ice.

No matter what style of casual game you play we hope that these suggestions bring you something new to enjoy, and that you have already found fun games to play. There are new games coming out all the time for you to try, so pick one up today!

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