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Lajky Her Plink & Plop

Více Her
Domů Hry Plink & Plop
Plink & Plop preview image
Facebook ArcadeCasual 2D Bubble Shooter
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Enjoy a fun and addicting bubble popping experience with multitudes of levels to complete.

Utilize power-ups along the way to help you clear the bubbles that are holding you back from the next level.

Compare scores with your friends in the leaderboard for a bit of friendly competition.

Plink & Plop is an addictive Facebook based bubble popper that offers smooth gameplay, great looking visuals and a lot of variety to round it all off. The game is easily one of the better bubble popping games out there and should definitely be given a try because of how great its execution is.

Starting off in Plink & Plop, the first few levels of the game are mostly tutorial levels that aren’t really challenging at all since they’re built to teach you all the basics of the game. These levels do a great job of showing you the ropes and don’t consume too much time which is also great. Once these levels are finished then you’re given actual challenging scenarios but be warned that the game gets really difficult really fast so it’s worth paying attention in the tutorial to learn everything you can that’ll help you out.

The gameplay itself of Plink & Plop is standard bubble popper gameplay where you have to get rid of all the bubbles on the playing field and to do this you must match bubbles together by shooting and combining three or more of the same color which causes them to pop but what’s different about it is that it feels much smoother and more refined. The prime example of this would have to be the rebound physics of the bubbles; the bubbles rebound at perfect angles when you shoot them towards walls and this is detrimental to the success of a bubble popper since rebound shots are one of the crucial gameplay aspects.

There’s a ton of variety when it comes to the gameplay thanks to the power-ups that have been incorporated into the game. Some power-ups give you extra bubbles to shoot so you can finish a level off while other power-ups have more direct effects like special bubbles that can pop whatever they’re fired at so the developer has definitely made a good decision to add these into the game since they keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

From a visual standpoint, Plink & Plop looks brilliant. The game is really bright which makes it all the more appealing and alongside this everything looks really sharp and detailed as well. You’ll rarely see anything that’s lazily designed as everything has been tuned to near perfection when it comes to visuals. The sound effects of the game are also really high quality and complement the brilliant visual outlook of the game quite nicely.

As for micro-transactions, there are a few different things in Plink & Plop that you can acquire with real world money such as extra power-ups and what not since these are purchased through the premium currency that you must buy with real money.

Plink & Plop is an enjoyable bubble popper that feels a lot smoother than most games of its genre and looks great to top it all off.
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