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Jogos Como Atlantis Soli

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Explore the mythical city of Atlantis.

Enjoy an epic Solitaire experience.

Play with your friends and share gifts.

Solitaire Atlantis takes you deep under the sea. In your adventures you will be asked to play a series of Solitaire Games that have a slightly different style than the classic game.

You have to release what are called the Goal Cards which are buried under other cards in the deck. You have 2 decks in play, the hidden cards and the face up cards. To win you need to move the Goal Cards onto the face up pile.

You can only move cards that are 1 number above, or 1 number below the current face up card. This moved card can be of any suit, it just has to be the number above or below. If you have no moves you can take a card from the hidden pile to give you the chance to move more cards.

You also have a joker card, that can be played at any time. You can place any card on top of a joker, this is a really useful ability, especially if you only have 1 goal card left to bring down. One of the bonuses you can buy has an extra joker.

You have a limited number of hidden cards, when you run out, if you have not released all of the Goal Cards, you lose the level and a life, You have 5 lives, and they come back over time. Each game that you finish will reward you with coins, these coins can be used to give you a bonus, such as an extra joker card.

There are also 4 in game bonuses, that you can purchase for the the Cash that is provided, these are very powerful boosts but they come at the cost of your cash. Both coins and cash can be purchased for real money through facebook.

Solitaire Atlantis is a really well designed game and really fun to play. The Solitaire Game itself is interesting and the addition of the bonuses can make a real difference, especially on the higher levels. With beautiful backdrops and amazing gameplay Solitaire Atlantis really is a wonderful game. Atlantis Soli Resumo